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Related Books / Articles / Videos

Sexual Ethics and Islam
Kecia Ali, Oneworld Press, Oxford
UK, 2006

Mahmoud Al Massad, video,
2007 (winner od Sundance World Cinema Award, 2007) www.black-iris.com

Khalil Abu Arafeh, political cartoonist and architect from Jerusalem

Effat's New Roses
Kay Hardy Campbell, Aramco
Services Company, TX 2007

Prime Time Ramadan
Sarah Gauch

The Face Beyond the Veil
Donna Gehrke-White, Citadel
Press, NY 2006

Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books
Azar Nafisi, Random House,
NY, 2004

The Unfurling; Poems by Nimah Ismail Nawawab, Selwa Books, California, 2004

Joe Sacco, Fantagraphics Books,
WA, 2001

Covering Islam
Edward W. Said,
Vintage Books, NY, ed. 1997

Persepolis/ Persepolis II
Marjane Satrapi,Pantheon Books,
NY, 2003 (also on DVD)

My Mosaic Table; Zillij in Fez
Written by Louis Werner

More books, articles and movies will be added in 2009.

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