is Egyptian

living in Cairo. She spends weekends in Alexandria. She's pursuing a master's degree in Islamic Art. She wears jeans to work, a bikini to the beach and plays the guitar. She lives in her parents' home. She is a Coptic Christian.
 is Jordanian

living in Amman with her mother and two brothers. She teaches Arabic. As a visiting instructor of Arabic in the United States, one of her most treasured memories is singing in the Earlham College gospel choir. She is a devout Muslim.
 is Iranian

living in Tehran. She is a freshman student at Tehran University and works at her father's bookstore. Her journal is a poetic musing on her love of Classical Persian painting, a fascination with America and shopping for anything in pink. She dropped the project after four months. She is a Muslim.
 is Palestinian

living in Bethlehem. She is a primary and secondary school teacher. Her entries focus on the humiliation of Israeli checkpoints and the challenge of maintaining a relationship with her now inaccessible boyfriend. While living at home, she tries to avoid her mother's attempts to arrange a marriage to one of a succession of eligible local men. She is a devout Catholic.
 is American

living in Vermont. She is the oldest of the group and the artist for the project. She is single and struggling with the sale of a cherished home and the renovation of another while pursuing a Masters degree in art. She's in love with old movies and haunted by the memories of her mother. She is an Agnostic.

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